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Interactive Social Graph of Twitter List: Network Analysis

The network map above shows the links between people on the Twitter List: Network Analysis, maintained by @valdiskrebs. Two individuals are connected on the map if they both follow each other on Twitter.

The size of the node corresponds to how "integrated" the person is in the relationships amongst Network Analysts on the list. This network metric -- Integration -- goes beyond geodesics(shortest paths), and looks at paths of varying lengths in the network. The larger the node the more it is "in the thick of things" of Twitter conversations about Network Analysis.

We assume information and knowledge arrive both directly and indirectly on Twitter, based on who you are paying attention to, and who they are paying attention to. The timing of a Tweet can be very important into who picks it up and ReTweets it to their Followers. Therefore, it is good that a Tweet/idea follows several paths and arrives at different times.

You can interact with the network map by dragging the nodes around, zooming in and out, right-clicking [option-click for Mac] to move the whole map, double-clicking on a node to go to its Twitter page, and using the panel to the left of the graph to view subsets of nodes and links.

We thank @marc_smith for the "Twitter Following" data provided in March 2011.

Copyright © 2011, Valdis Krebs

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